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All Of Our Statistics Are Generic Scenario Statistics. Check Back 

Frequently As This Page Is Updated With Every Game We Play.


               * Panic In The Streets (Wayne's World 2000) -- Our over-all team was winning but the event 

                        was canceled due to weather. The over-all team lost at the rematch (Eye Of The Storm /

                        Wayne's World 2001). Probably because we didn't attend. :-) This was the game of the 

                        "Veterans". (24 hour)

               * St. Valentine's Day Massacre (Wayne's World 2001) -- The over-all team got spanked. We were

                        beat badly. This was the game that we took down all the new guys. (12 hour)

               * Clues (Wayne's World 2001) -- Our over-all team was beaten but not by more than a hair. As far 

                        as the battles went we were in control but the other team won by espionage and intelligence

                        overload. They racked up the winning points by spying and stealing etc... Which is perfectly 

                        legal. But we all know who wiped the field with who. :-) Also, we walked away with around 

                        $500 in prizes. We took several pods, stickers, magazines, ect... But mainly, one of our guys,

                        walked away with a brand new Bushmaster B2K. Very nice. Retails for around $400. He'll 

                        come in handy with the full-auto. :-)    (24 hour)

               * Night Of The Living Dead IV (Wayne's World 2001) -- We took a small number to this event but

                        were still able to do astoundingly well. Our guys had good communication with the General

                        (rare!) and fought well too. Also, an interesting treat; the International Grand Russian Team 

                        was there. They had just come from attending the World Cup. It was a great asset to have 

                        them on our over-all team. Very talented and fearless group. We took time out for one

                        hour and played 108 Americans against 20 Russians. They were given instant reinsertion 

                        but that was all. They were so good that they held us off for the entire hour. Also, Red Reign 

                        led the final mission for our team, without which, we would have lost. Our guys won the game

                        for the over all team. If the entire group had been there, it's certain that we would have taken

                        the award for Most Valuable Team. (12 hour)

               * Time Gate - Florida's Grand Finale (Wayne's World 2001) --  WOW! What a game! The trade 

                        show was immense,  the players party was hopping, and the fighting was intense. Every major  

                        group in the industry was there save Tippman (no show). JT had a DJ mixing up the tunes and 

                        the pizza was free. We had almost 1200 in attendance. 3 tanks were there. A special group

                        from England was a real treat too. Our 2 guys fought for "Quest Time Travelers" team. We 

                        also brought down an on-the-field camera man to capture some of the wild and intense 

                        happenings of the game. I myself had a slight injury on the field when I and a few team 

                        members were in a mad midnight retreat. A couple of us got tangled up in a barbed-wire

                        fence. All in all it was an excellent game. We have a lot of good war stories. Especially since 

                        we won by nearly 3,000 points! Hats off to Wayne and all the guys for a job well done.

                        Luke and Silent Bob you rule!!! Florida Heet keep it up! Red Reign Rules!  

                        (24 hour + players party)

                *Ed White Face-Off (Ed White High School 2001) -- Red Regin recently got together to play    

                        against another local Jacksonville team. Both teams met up at Edward White High School and

                        took to the woods. At the end of the afternoon Red Reign had won all of the 6 games played.

                        During the whole day we only had 2 hits against us. They out numbered us 6 to 5 and one of 

                        our boys had a pump. All in all a good day. We hope to play them again.

                * Attack On Navarone (Low Country Paintball 2002) -- Red Reign was honored to participate in 

                        Low Country Paintball's first scenario game. They are currently in the process of building the

                        60+ acre field into one of the South's premier scenario fields, and Red Reign intends to help. 

                        They offer friendly service and an awesome field. We WILL go back. The game, although it 

                        did not run perfectly, went astoundingly as well as it could have. We'd personally like to thank

                        the boys from Silent Thunder and Link for our Most Valuable Team recognition. Although the

                        German's did not win (we would have if not for a few errors) it was an amazing memorable

                        game. (24 hour) Here's Red Reign's little tribute to Superman's playing style and attitude:

                        CLICK HERE!!!           peace, love, life            

                *St. Valentines Day Massacre (Wayne's World 2002) -- This was a repeat of the same game as 

                        last year but with a few changes. Not too much went down to speak about other than a base

                        demolition dispute. All went very well. Out of all 4 teams, (Italians, Irish, Feds, Independents)

                        the Italians, of which we were a member, dominated the game. We had a very nice victory.

                        Hats off to Recon 1 and to their captain, General David.    (12 hour)

                *Long County War (Low Country Paintball 2002) -- Well... this was an interesting experience. The 

                        morning of the game, I was asked to General one of the sides. Being absolutely thrilled at the 

                        chance, I accepted. This was the first time for our team that anything like this has happened. 

                        Over all it was a good game. I spent most of the game winging it but that's ok. Despite our best

                        efforts we got creamed. (partially bc half our team left towards the end of the day) LOL Next 

                        time I'll come a little more prepared. Congrats to the other team and to Billy for another great 

                        game.    (9 hour)  

                *Bringing in the Harvest (All American Paintball 2002) -- This was the first Tournament that our 

                        scenario team has played. We didn't do to bad all things considered. It was hosted by a church

                        group in the Jacksonville area. In the end we walked away with a Third Place Trophy and 

                        a few thoughts on this particular field. The reffing crew from warped sports was admirable, 

                        however, the refs from the field were not. There were major bios' and bad calls made that 

                        led to a debate that would have put us from our deservingly earned second place, into 

                        third place. Rather than argue all day, we took the punch and let it go for third place. Although

                        the second place team gloated and trash talked afterwards, I still think that there is something 

                        to be said for good sportsmanship. Adios!            (tournament) 

                *American Revolution (Paintball Xtravaganza 2002) -- Our boys made the drive from Jacksonville 

                        up to SC for this one, in answer to a call from our sponsor. Billy of LCP was heading up our 

                        team as general of the American Militia. We came out with a sniper, demo man, and medic for

                        this game. This was an awesome game with a lot of heavy fire fights. Billy ran the crew like it

                        was nothing, completely clearing the Brit's out and dominating the field. It was an honor to have

                        earned Most Valuable Team at this game. Hats off to Billy and American Rampage for an 

                        awesome show of unstoppable force. It's always a pleasure to play with Silent Thunder. You 

                        and your guys are awesome Link. You can really work the field. In closing, for the most part, 

                        there was good sportsmanship at this one.... Hey Paul ;-)      Looks like we just brought 

                        a bit too much kryptonite for ya! Peace!             (24 hour)

                *Dunder and Blitzen (Wayne's World 2002) - - Im so tired of telling you people what happend at 

                        all these games! Do you really need to know more than Red Reign wiped the feild? (as always)

                        From now on I'll just list the games we attend. Much Love!! T.J.        (24 hour)

                *Operation High Tide (Wayne's World 2002) -- (24 hour)

                *Stars War - Florida's Grande Finale (Wayne's World 2002) -- (24 hour)